Contract and Retail Furniture: what is it and what are the differences

Contract and Retail Furniture: what is it and what are the differences

When we enter a hotel, office, museum or any other spacious building, we look around and the first thing we say or think is concerned with its appearance or the feeling we get.

What is Contract furniture?

The main goal of Contract furniture is to get the most positive and unique emotion from a place. Every day many people visit public, private, institutional and corporate places, consequently, the image they show is of vital importance.

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Taking into account the context of these spaces, it is necessary to use unique, resistant and high-quality furniture. Here the role of architects, designers and interior designers comes into play organizing different projects.

When we categorize furniture as Contract, we filter the services provided to the professional area. This means that the furniture has specific characteristics, adapted to the use it will be given by a large number of people.

Contract service is made of different companies focused on the production, design and setting up of comprehensive equipment. This international area has always been relevant, but recently it is especially important and it will reach new heights.

Contract furniture characteristics

Depending on the project or area, Contract furniture is designed taking into account particular and specific characteristics, style and arrangement. Moreover, materials will have different features, in accordance with the environment where they will be placed. Consequently, personalization and ergonomics are two key aspects in Contract furniture production.

The composition of the type of material is another element affecting the furniture design. This material, in turn, depends on the area where the project will be developed.

In any case, as the places will be visited by a big number of people, materials must share some characteristics such as resistance, uniqueness and quality. In areas related to hospitality, food, kitchen or laboratories, the properties of the materials must be suitable in terms of cleanliness.

What is Retail furniture?

Pharmacies, shops, supermarkets or any type of establishment that sells directly to consumers have Retail furniture.

The main goal of this type of furniture is to attract the clients´ attention, so it is important that the product should be presented in the most attractive way. Concerning Retail furniture, it is essential to hire professional designers who give the product uniqueness to attract the customer’s attention.

The distribution of spaces inside the building, the design of lighting and the client’s path, are key aspects in Retail projects. These aspects depend on the specific needs of the establishment. Considering security, it is essential to respect fixed elements such as columns or walls of which modification entails lack of security for the place or the clients.

Differences between Contract and Retail furniture

The main difference between both types of furniture has to do with their purpose. The aim of Contract furniture is related to the usefulness and composition of materials, however, Retail furniture prioritizes beautiful design.

Another important difference is the type of the project. Contract manufacturers work for public spaces used by a big number of people, and Retail manufacturers focus on shops selling directly to clients and their aim is to call attention.

In the Contract area, design is growing in importance. This service begins to stand out among manufacturers.

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